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Copy disc from command line

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You can run piso.exe to copy disc to another disc from command line or a batch file. If the source drive and destination drive are the same, piso will read source disc content into a temporary file, eject the source disc, and prompt you to insert the new disc. You can also set other options using command switches. 

Usage: piso copy-disc <source drive:> <destination drive:> [-switches]


  • -verify: Verify written data after burning.

  • -eject: Eject disc after burning.

  • -speed <nn>:  Set the burning speed. For example, -speed cd10x, -speed dvd8x, or -speed bd2x.

  • -create-temp-file-for-copy:  Create temporary file to cache source disc before copying disc.


Example: Copy disc to to another disc. The source disc is in drive F:, while the destination disc is in drive E:. Verify written data after burning.

Command: piso copy-disc F: E: -verify


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