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Convert mp4 files to mp3

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A MP4 file is MPEG-4 Video file, which may contains video, audio, subtitles, and image data. It is commonly used for distributing and sharing video on Internet. The MP4 format compresses video data with MPEG-4 encoding and audio data with AAC compression or other compression algorithm. A mp4 format file uses .m4a extension if it only contains audio data. The mp4 format is supported by various video programs and hardware devices.

MP3 stands for Motion Picture Experts Group Layer 3, which is a digital compression algorithm for audio file. Today, the MP3 file format is the most widely used musical file formats in the world.

PowerISO can rip audio track from mp4 file and store it as mp3 file, so that you can play it in handheld music players or other devices. PowerISO supports not only mp4 format, but other commonly used video formats, such as avi,  mpg, and wmv format.

Please follow the steps to convert mp4 files to mp3 with PowerISO.

  • Run PowerISO, and select "Tools  > Audio converter..." Menu. 


  • PowerISO Audio converter will popup. Click "Add files..." button to add the mp4 files to the convert list. The "Add files" dialog will popup. Navigate to the folder containing the mp4 files, select them, and click "Add" button to add the mp4 files to convert list.  If the mp4 files are not listed in Add files dialog, please select "All files (*.*)" from the "files of type" drop list. 

    Output folder:  You can put the converted mp3 files in the input folder, or put them to a separate folder specified.

    Output format: The output format can be mp3, flac, ape, ogg, wma, or wav. Please select "MP3" for output format. 


  • You can change the mp3 encoder settings by click "Settings..." button. In "MP3 encoder settings" dialog, you can change sample rates, sample mode, and sample format. The bit depth is 16 for mp3 encoding. Click "OK" to close the encoder settings dialog if all settings are correct.


  • Click "Convert" to start conversion after you have added the files and select the appropriate settings for the conversion. 


  • PowerISO will start converting the mp4 files to MP3 format. You can see the detailed progress information when converting.

You can cancel the conversion by clicking "Abort" button.


  • After all files have been converted, you can see the message, "Converting audio files completes successfully". It will also show the number of files converted successfully and the number of files failed to convert.


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