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Change virtual drive letter assignment

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By default, PowerISO virtual drive will use the first unused drive letter (begining from D:). However, if you want to keep a drive letter for other device, or want to assign another drive letter for the virtual drive, you can change the virtual drive letter assignment.

  • Run PowerISO, select "Options > Configuration" menu.

  • PowerISO shows the Configuration dialog, click "Virtual Drive" Tab. Select the virtual drive which you want to change the letter assignment, and click "Edit" button.

  • PowerISO shows the "Edit drive letter" dialog. Enter the desired drive letter for the virtual drive, and click "OK".

  • The "Edit drive letter" dialog will close. You can find the new drive letter assignment from the list in configuration dialog. Click "OK" to save the changes.


  • A dialog will popup prompting you the new assignment will take effect for the virtual drive. Click "Yes" to confirm the new assignment. 


  • You can now access the virtual drive using the new drive letter. 




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