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Burn ISO file

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ISO file is an exact copy of CD, DVD, or Bluray disc. It allows you backup copies of discs and store them digitally. You can burn the ISO file to a disc, thus to make an exact copy of original disc. Please follow the steps to burn ISO file to disc,

  • Run PowerISO.

  • Click "Burn" button on toolbar or choose "Tools > Burn" Menu.

  • PowerISO shows "Burn ISO File" dialog.

Click "Browse" button to select the ISO file you want to burn.

Select the burning drive from the drives list. The max burning speed is the maximum speed supported, you can change it to a slower speed if necessary. 

If "Verify written data" option is checked, PowerISO will read back written data and compare them with the original data to make sure the data have been written to the disc correctly.

  • Click "Burn" button to start burning. If the destination disc is re-writable, PowerISO will prompt you to erase the disc before writing.

When writing the disc, PowerISO shows the progress information. You will get the message  "burning completed successfully" if no errors occur and "Verifying completed successfully" if "Verify written data" option is checked and data verifying is OK.


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