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What is DAA File?

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PowerISO Image Format (DAA - Direct Access Archive) is a powerful compression image file format for backuping CD/DVD. It is fast, reliable, and has rich set of features which include password-protected, data encryption, splitting to multiple volumes, checksum support and much more.

What is the advantage to use DAA file instead of ISO Image and other CD/DVD image to backup CD/DVD? The first and important advantage of using DAA file is that can reduce the size of image file. DAA file is a compressed format, It compresses raw CD/DVD data with high quality compression-method. Second, You can backup secret and private CD/DVD using DAA file. Especially, It has the advantage to transfer CD/DVD through the Internet. DAA file provides both the feature of password-protected for denying the access from any unauthorized user and other feature of data encryption for defeating any sniffer and hacker.


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