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Main Window

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PowerISO main program user interface includes the following parts: 

  • The title bar - Display PowerISO title and the current opened image file name.

  • The menu bar - Contains some frequently used operations.

  • The toolbar - Contain some frequently used operations, such as "new", "open", "save",... 

  • The explorer bar - Can be used to browse the image file conveniently.

  • The folder view - Display the folder structure of the current opened image.

  • The file view - Display all files in the current selected folder.

  • The properties bar - Display file properties and capacity. Double click on this bar, the properties dialog will display.

  • The status bar - Displays the number and size of files in current folder, and the number and size of the selected files.

  • The popup menu - Right click on the folder view or file view area, a popup menu will display.


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