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Extract zip file

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A Zip file is a compressed archive file which may contain one or more files and folders. Usually it uses DEFLATE  algorithm to compressed files in zip file. However, other compression algorithms are also allowed. Today, Zip file is the most widely used archive format. It is supported by lots of archive software and operating systems.

With PowerISO, you can extract zip file by a simple click.

  • Open "My Computer" and select the zip archive which you want to extract.

  • Right-click on the file selected, the shell context menu will popup. Select the menu item, "Extract to <folder name>. The folder name is just the zip file name.

  • The zip extractor will start to run. It will automatically create a folder using the file name, and extract all files in the zip file to this folder. If the zip archive is encrypted, PowerISO will prompt you to enter the password.

After the operation completes, you can access the extracted files in destination folder.



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