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Convert audio files to flac

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PowerISO can convert music files to different output formats, so that you can play them through preferred software and devices. The output format can be mp3, flac, ape, ogg, wma, and wav. 

FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. It is the most popular lossless audio format. It is a compressed audio format, just like mp3, but it will not bring any sound quality loss.

Please follow the steps to convert audio files to flac with PowerISO.

  • Run PowerISO, and select "Tools  > Audio converter..." Menu. 


  • PowerISO Audio converter will popup. You can add the files to the convert list, select output folder, output format, and change the encoder settings if needed.

    You can play the musical files before conversion by selecting the files in the list, and clicking "Play" button.


  • Add musical files to the convert list:  Click "Add files..." button. The "Add files" dialog will popup. Navigate to the folder containing the musical files, select them, and click "Add" button to add the files to convert list. The selected files will be listed in input files list. 

    Remove files from the list: Select the files which you want to remove from the list, then click "Remove" button. 

    Remove all files from the list:  Click "Clear list" button will remove all files from the list.

    Output folder:  You can put the converted files in the input folder, or put them to a separate folder.

    Output format: The output format can be mp3, flac, ape, ogg, wma, or wav. Select "MP3" for output format. 


  • You can change the flac encoder settings by click "Settings..." button. In "FLAC encoder settings" dialog, you can change sample rates, channels, bit depth, and compression level. The higher compression level can get better compression ratio, but will take longer time to compress the files. Click "OK" to close the encoder settings dialog.


  • Click "Convert" to start conversion after you have added the files and select the appropriate settings for the conversion. 


  • PowerISO will start converting the files to FLAC format. You can see the detailed progress information when converting.

You can cancel the conversion by clicking "Abort" button.


  • After all files have been converted, you can see the message, "Converting audio files completes successfully". It will also show the number of files converted successfully and the number of files failed to convert.


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