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Add driver to WIM file

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Sometimes you want add drivers to a Windows image file (WIM file), usually you need mount the image, add drivers to the image, then unmount the image. If there are several images in the WIM file, you need repeat the steps for each image in the file. With PowerISO, you can easily add the driver to a WIM file. For an ESD file, you can convert it to WIM file before adding drivers to it.

To add driver to WIM file, please follow the steps,

  • Run PowerISO.

  • Choose "Tools > DISM Tool..." Menu.

  • PowerISO shows DISM Tool dialog. Click "Add driver" page.

  • The "Add driver" page will show.

Check the radio "Patch driver to image file", and enter the source WIM file path name.

Specify a folder which contains the driver files or specify the driver inf file path name.

Check the other options if necessary.

  • Click "Add driver" button to start adding drivers to WIM file. PowerISO will list all images in the WIM file, then add drivers to each image in the wim file. 

  • After the operation completes successfully, you should receive a message, "Adding drivers completed successfully". 


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